Zetta Proxies

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Services Rendered
  • Web Design
  • Software Development
  • API Development
  • 3 Month Development

Zetta Proxies dominates the proxy market with the largest pool of fast, reliable residential IPs.

Business Challenge

As Zetta Proxies grew, managing their proxy network, customers, and operations became increasingly complex. They were relying on disjointed software tools and manual processes that led to inefficiencies. Zetta wanted to simplify proxy management for staff and provide customers with an improved interface and experience.

Zetta Proxies Website

Project Outcome

Solution Implemented

Zetta Proxies hired LA5 Digital to build a custom web platform to meet their specific business requirements. The platform included:

  • Proxy Management Dashboard – To give staff a unified interface to manage, monitor, sell and more.
  • Customer Portal – Customers can manage purchased proxies, monitor usage, manage sub accounts and request support.
  • Automated Reseller API – Provides programmatic access so resellers can easily manage their sub-users via the API.
  • Payments & Billing – Customers can purchase proxy plans via the portal and manage billing via Stripe.
  • Simplified proxy management for Zetta’s staff, increasing productivity.
  • Improved scalability for Zetta, allowing for increase in growth.
  • Improved customer experience through the user-friendly portal.
  • Increased proxy sales through new customer portal and reseller API.
  • Reduced customer support volume due to automated functionality.

The custom platform delivered by LA5 Digital enabled Zetta Proxies to scale while improving operations, customer satisfaction and growing their business.